Open banking - ISA

I’ve just upgraded to Monzo Plus! Mainly for the idea of open banking, it’s great to see everything all in the same place.

I have my main current account with Monzo and a savings account and Help to buy ISA with Halifax. Once I set up open banking I could see my Halifax savings account, but not my help to buy ISA. I think it would be great if I could see my help to buy ISA within the Monzo app!

Does Halifax support Open Banking for non-payment accounts like your ISA?

In the original Plus thread it was mentioned that ISAs are not currently usually supported by Open Banking.

They certainly don’t have to be but can we state - on behalf of every bank and building society - that none of them are?

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Edited. The post I was thinking of:

Good point, I just presumed they did! I’ll ask Halifax If they support this.