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I’ve seen in the latest Monzo Plus announcements that they are supporting integration with other accounts from Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Barclaycard, Capital One, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, MBNA, Nationwide, NatWest, RBS & Santander but I’m interested to know if there is a road map for integration with other banks/institutions.

I personally would be particularly interested in an integration with NS&I Premium Bonds, even if it’s only for viewing the balance.

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NS&I won’t be on the cards as NS&I doon’t support open banking (even though they’ve been saying for years that they will).

Although Monzo no longer use Trulayer for connecting banks, I think the banks and cards on Truelayer’s supported and coming soon lists would be a reasonable indicator of what Monzo would probably be working toward as well


Back on the old connection via true layer, they started with Amex and Barclays as apparently the two most popular amongst monzo users.

Unsure if that statistic still holds true but seems reasonable from that and comments made across the forum that Amex is somewhere on the roadmap (and hopefully being actively worked on).

Thanks O, that’s good to know.

NSandI have commited to providing Open Banking before 2021: https://nsandi-corporate.com/governance/strategy


Good to see that on their strategy site. First time I’ve seen a specific date mentioned.

However, they’ve been making noises about supporting open banking for years and their open banking webpage has been up for years so am not particularly optimistic they will meet this target.

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Nationwide savings and TSB pleeeeaaassse :upside_down_face:


NS&I used to be on my Volt what happened for that to no longer be the case? Sorry I’m not very knowledgeable on tech stuff.

PayPal / PayPal credit is the big one I’m desperate for on open banking :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

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Do you mean Yolt?

If so Yolt probably used to connect by screen scraping. It’s a grey area as to whether this is still permitted and it’s also probably inefficient for Yolt to maintain so for one or both these reasons they probably stopped. The more secure and more efficient method for connecting financial accounts is via open banking which NS&I don’t yet support.

I would like to see PayPal (with PayPal credit) and Marcus implemented down the line please.

Looking further afield, perhaps integrate some investing apps like Freetrade. No idea if this is technically possible though.

I’d be surprised if Marcus ever supports this to be honest.


Out of interest, why do you think Marcus won’t support it?

I don’t see Goldman Sachs as the sort of organisation that would bother doing things like this that they don’t need to. I’m willing to be surprised though. :crossed_fingers:

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Fair enough. From what I’ve seen when it comes to their consumer arm, they have been willing to get their teeth into some innovating propositions and break away from the status quo. I remain hopeful that they’ll dive into open banking at some point, but won’t hold my breath.

This is great news


Tesco Bank (credit card) next please :+1:

Is there a road map of further banks or credit cards for this? Also do the custom categories work for the other accounts?

Not as yet, but sounds like they have it in the ideas list

Shame. That would certainly help justify the fiver

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