Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

Nothing will be added since the TrueLayer approach is being dumped.

We’ll have to wait and see what the Open Banking implementation supports and whether it will be free for all or a paid for addition.


Why is this being asked every other day when all people need to do is read the post literally above theirs?

Also, any chance of getting Amex added soon?


The post above mine didn’t say anything about Barclaycard.


Maybe as a general rule of thumb it would be good if the latest posts with updates could be stickied… kind of like an approved answer sort of thing.

Not even sure if thats possible

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The Easy Bank Transfers thread, might be worth a read.

Short version:

  • Monzo now has its own open banking platform.
  • It currently only does bank transfers (in labs) but more features coming :soon: :tm:
  • Starling isn’t supported because their API is different to everyone else’s
  • Amex also uses a non-standard API.

My inference is therefore that you won’t get Amex support from the get go when this comes in house. And, as others have said, this may well become a paid feature. (Personally, I’m not sure that the balance is paying for, but the native Monzo experience with transactions etc might be).


It was a tongue-in-cheek question, but thank you for the answer :blush:


Monzo new new plus feature revealed

:pray: :crossed_fingers:

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Any idea if Virgin Money will be supported?

Other aggregators connect to Virgin Money so it’s possible to do.

But if Monzo end up supporting it I suspect it will be only as part of Monzo Plus.

This old connected credit cards feature (independent of Plus) seems to be on its way out.

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Virgin is a complicated situation right now as which virgin money do you connect to…

Virgin was bought by Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank Group. And now the entire enlarged group is to be re-branded as Virgin. Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank operate a separate platform to the old Virgin Money brand, but to complicate matters further, Virgin Money has launched their new account services on the new CYBG/Virgin Money platform… so you now have old virgin brand and new virgin brand, both with different platforms and open banking connectors.

There is no point developing connectors for the old brand as they will be disappearing sooner rather than later (I think, but don’t know for sure), and the new one doesn’t appear to be connected to any open banking aggregators. Emma only just got connection to YB/Clydesdale this week (interestingly the same day as Monzo Plus was launched), but does not have the new Virgin (but confusingly does have the old virgin connector).

You keeping up…?

To make things really interesting, you can confuse the heck out of the open banking connectors as I did in Money Dashboard by connecting my (new) virgin money account through the Clydesdale connector to the Yorkshire Bank site (simply by editing the referral url, and only because the YB connector was broken at the time) and hey presto I had my (new) virgin money account connected, badged as Cylesdale, but connected through the Yorkshire Bank login.

My opinion for what it’s worth… let CYBG/Virgin sort their mess of a structure out first before implementing open banking to them - even though I would like it. It’s far too complicated!

[Edit: I forgot to add, that if you have a (new) virgin money account, you log on to it via the (new) virgin money website logon OR the Yorkshire Bank website.


Could Monzo make it possible to link more than one type of an account? I for example have two Capital One cards for different purposes, but linking the second just overwrites the first.

Truelayer are reporting they are developing a connector for [CYBG] B Bank.
Do you think they are really referring to new Virgin Money?

Yep, the CYBG B account has been rebadged as Virgin Money already, and that’s the account you’d sign up for now if you went on to the VM site for new current accounts.

I mean it shouldn’t be hard to implement a connector for this since it’s basically the same as the CYBG ones, but it creates all kinds of issues if you implement it because for your average person on the street they don’t care about platforms and stuff, they just see they have a VM account and why can’t they connect.

Now Monzo are in charge of their implementation rather than Truelayer, I think they need to consider the Customer Service chaos of implementing anything before Virgin deal with their migration to a single platform.

One thing I’ve noticed is that you can’t add two cards from the same provider. I have two Capital One cards for different purposes, but adding the second one just overwrites the first one instead of creating a second.

That’s a Capital One issue rather than a Monzo one apparently.

Gotcha, that makes sense. I did notice two days ago I couldn’t link them at all because the Capital One app crashed.

:crossed_fingers:for a fix soon

Does anyone know how I get rid of this?

I’ve tried all of the below and COps/specialist also seems stumped. It seems there is no way to remove it in-app and Monzo are struggling remotely too. Why don’t we have iOS type gestures such as swipe to delete?

Hoping someone from Monzo may see this as the COps route is failing :frowning:

• Deleting the connection to TrueLayer from NatWest side.
• Logging out and back into Monzo
• Resetting Monzo session
• Deleting and reinstalling Monzo

Is truelayer one of your other app permissions?

Would deleting that permission get rid of it?

I think you’ve done that :sweat_smile: