Open app on iOS and prompted to enter my PIN but no number pad available to enter it

click to open the app
prompted with message - Enter your Personal Account card’s 4-digit PIN
no number pad has come up for me to enter my PIN…

stuck with no way to access my bank account it seems

suggestions? downloaded the latest Monzo app update (3.39.0) and running on IOS 13.5.1.


urgh - opened and closed the app so many times. eventually it worked…


When you say this, do you mean that you removed the old app and reinstalled from scratch?


  • Delete the app
  • Restart your phone
  • Download the app and install again

no went to app store and downloaded update. Once installed tried again and had the same issue the first few times i opened it.


I’d recommend that you follow the steps above by removing the app first. This usually solves weird issues like this :slight_smile: