“Ooh that’s a bright card”

The vast majority I use my card to pay instore, I always get told this. I find it a great conversation starter to talk about Monzo. Anyone else had this experience?


No one’s ever commented on the colour, but a few shop assistants have said they’ve seen it a few times and wondered what it was.

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I have … mostly people at my work … and also it’s easy to spot if someone else is paying with Monzo. I saw someone in my Starbucks the other day and we had a new graduate start with us and I saw it when she opened her purse and got all excited! She told me she’d convinced all her brothers and friends to get it too!


When I was at Yo Sushi! in Meadowhall on Saturday, the waiter commented he had just signed up to Monzo and found it very useful. First retail person I’ve found that also has a Monzo card (disadvantage of living outside London!).

A NatWest cashier commented on the strange sort code once and asked which bank it belonged to

The older lady serving at the Co-op in Wareham Dorset was quite dazzled by the card and pronounced that she had never seen anything like it


my favourite is when I got a deliveroo when I went to London for training recently

the driver was like ‘oh you work for Monzo? Best bank I ever had’

(had Monzo top on and still quite close to the office)


I’ve had a few comments including “you’re not gonna lose that card are you?” :slight_smile:


Common occurrence in the tech-wilderness of Dorset, which I call home.

I find it quite a conversation starter, which for an introverted, keep my head down, don’t draw attention to yourself (and for the love of god, no eye contact) type of guy, not sure I thought that through :joy:


Same here!! When I closed my Barclays account - I gave them the sortcode to transfer my remaining balance - the guy looked confused and asked about it! Told him and he was like ohhh yeah!

This is what I always get, except I did lose one :laughing: