Meeting Other Monzo Peeps

(Herp Derp) #1

So you’re at the bar waiting to be served and all of a sudden in the corner of your eye you catch the glimpse of a sweet sweet hot coral card, you look over at the card holder and what do you do?

Do you give a little nod and flash your card?

Smile and flash?


I have seen a few cards out and about, sometimes I have spoken to them after they approached, once I ignored but should have spoken to coz my god she was fit :eyes: and the other I gave a nod and flash.

(Ben Talbot) #2

I work at Tesco, primarily in the phone shop, and I always comment on it, saying how I really like the bank, etc.


I ignore it, it’s a bank not a cult.

(Leon) #4

I’d probably look and then ignore it to be honest, as I really don’t get the point of, look at me I bank with the same bank you do…Err so what so do thousands of others. :man_shrugging:

P.S. It’s not the freemasons for goodness sake let’s all try to be adults about it. In saying that, like Danny said if the girl was fit…:+1:


I mean I get that it is a bank and not a cult, but if it was cult… it would be a really bloody good one.

(#savetheseabass) #7

I’d be shocked. Doubt there’s many of us round here

(Ben Talbot) #8

I wouldn’t mention it if I wasn’t having a back and forth with the customer - it stems from the environment I work in

(Jack) #9

Most of the time the other person has mentioned it to me first so then we naturally talk about it.
Otherwise I probably wouldn’t say, unless I knew of them. Although if someone mentions their bank I tend to mention how I like monzo and tell them the benefits of it.


I take a surprised look then carry on. I never initiate conversation, for any reason*!

*Does not apply in online settings.


Back in the early Beta days it was quite a surprise for me (and the other person) to meet another :monzo: user especially in the countryside, but now in London everyone has one so it’s not as exciting anymore.

(Peter Roberts) #12

I don’t see them so often in Bristol but at a DevOps meetup the other week the hot coral glare was blinding!


That was probably my wife :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You won’t believe this, but I’ve only just realised your picture isnt you! :flushed:

(Eve) #14

I’ve only seen it once where I live but whenever I go down to London I see it a lot on the tube. It was such a lovely surprise when I first went but you can’t really wave your card or acknowledge it while everyone’s pushing past.

(Caspar) #15

I see the cards a lot - every day in coffee shops, supermarkets, and at the tube station. I always think about saying something, or even smiling and nodding, but realise for most people it’s just a bank account, they’re probably not checking in on these forums several times a day :laughing:

When there’s a big long queue at my tube station in the morning and people are moving slowly, I always see loads of them, its probably the London bias thing but if I wasn’t aware of the card I’d definitely be curious about what they were. And obviously it’s the fact they’re so bright when most cards are dark coloured so don’t catch your eye, but, but it definitely feels like I see them more often than any other kind of card around.

Maybe we can get pin badges for the obsessive community members here, then it’s a sign it’s not only cool to say hi, but we’d love to geek out about our bank cards? :thinking:

(Herp Derp) #16

Or maybe we could get forum stickers instead of a badge?

(Aled) #17

I make a mental “oh good another Mozonian”