Monzo encounter in Australia

(Oliver) #1

Hey guys,

So I’m visiting my mum in Australia (she owns a cafe here with my brother), she pulls me over to the till and there is a guy using a Monzo card.

I thought to myself that’s awesome. Australia is huge and to meet someone else with a card is very cool.

Has anyone else had any rare encounters like this in the past?

(Daniel Appleby) #2

Met a Monzo admirer when travelling around Morocco, after they saw me using it at a restaurant. It was a pretty great conversation starter! :morocco:

(Marta) #3

It’s going to be awkward if some other bank starts issuing hot coral cards, or similar enough to be mistaken. :wink:

-‘Hey, I have Monzo too!’ (user flashing card seductively)
-‘You what man? Leave me alone, what is wrong with you’ (rage quit)

(Oliver) #4

@Daniel_Appleby Did you ask them if they want to sign up? You could even give them a golden ticket to skip the queue. I’m sure they would be grateful. :blush:

That would be quite awkward @Avishai. Maybe the sound our phones make when a payment happens can distinguish Monzo users. :laughing:

(Colin Robinson) #5

I’ve never heard the sound - always have mine on silent because open office plan and forget to turn it back to noisy!