Onmo credit card

How do I increase the credit limit of onmo?
Now I have 250£ limit. What is the maximum limit of onmo credit card?

Speak to Onmo ??? whoever Onmo is :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Go and spam somewhere else

wrong link

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What did I miss? I really hate this discourse change…

There’s a thread already:

Also, wrong TrustPilot @Revels


What was the OP about? Just so I know what the thread is actually meant to be discussing.

Or I can just hijack it turn into a discussion thread for the company. I’m gonna hijack it, because it’s caught my interest now.

I’ve just had a brief look, and I’m intrigued. There’s a debit account too, but really it’s fintech innovation in the credit card space I’m looking for, and this seems to have a little bit of it. Visa too, which is nice. Visa is getting hard to come by in fintech.

The one red flag me is it talks about direct debits on a credit card. When fintechs pop up like that and don’t seem to understand how things actually work in this space it gives me real one-man-band data scraping vibes.

You’d be forgiven for assuming it doesn’t exist or isn’t available anywhere, since there’s no link to it, but the app is available too.

Edit: and now I’ve just realised the thread @ndrw linked to is already a discussion about the company. :person_facepalming:

What was I up to in February to have missed it all?

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Interestingly it’s only available if you’re offered it via ClearScore which I currently am not.

Uses open banking to determine eligibility and min age is 23 which is interesting.