Direct debit taken, not added to balance


For the second time, Onmo has taken a direct debit which has not been taken off my balance. I pay my cards off completely every month and last time it happened, it was for £116 so I manually paid the full balance and the sum was added to my balance. This time it’s over £300 and I’m getting concerned that this is a pattern. Wouldn’t mind but I spoke to one of their staff on Saturday to pay my balance in full (app wasn’t working) and he said he couldn’t do it “but don’t worry it will happen on Monday”. Well it’s Monday and this has happened. Advice?



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Speak to Onmo. Direct debit is pull, not push. Monzo let them take what they ask for. Are they asking for the full balance?

I find it incredibly hard to believe that you’re paying a direct debit and the money isn’t leaving your account.


A few things here.

£116, you paid manually, why? Was your direct debit set up in time (lenders usually have a cut off).

£300+, assuming when your last statement was produced, this was the balance and it tells you in the statement £300+ will be taken by direct debit on X date.

So if the direct debit balance was debit from monzo today, the credit will appear in your credit card account tomorrow or within 3 working days latest.

Some lenders add the credit to your credit card balance the day the direct debit is due, anticipating it is successful, but not all use this method and wait until the funds are secured before adding it back to your credit balance.


I have no problems with Onmo direct debits :grin:

I chose to pay minimum amount on DD.
If I pay in more manually, DD still is taken of around 20th of the month :blush:

Yeah, what happened was that I was paying off my balance too near to the direct debit date which was already in motion. So my bad! Onmo added that £116 direct debit to my balance and I had a good chat with them today. The app is still a bit wonky but hey, early days and I like the company

Yeah, I didn’t pay £116 manually, that was my DD. Thing I realized today after speaking to a really nice girl at the company was that your statement runs from a certain time so looking at your balance is not how to see what will be taken. Hey, I’ve got a few credit cards thought this one looked fun (like Monzo) so gave it a whirl. not sure it’s designed for someone like me tbh

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The amount collected on due date has always been the latest statement balance as far as I know, if paying in full. Not any transactions after that statement date.

This has happened to me too. I opened an Onmo account in June this year, set it up to pay full credit card balance by direct debit each month, got email confirmation of direct debit setup, direct debit is displayed in list of direct debits payers in Monzo app, Onmo app shows that settings are to pay balance in full by direct debit each payment date.

So that’s 3 different confirmations of the direct debit being set up. Payment due date came and went and nothing was taken. They then started charging me interest daily, equivalent to almost 1% of the outstanding balance per day (360% a year!). The APR on my card is ‘only’ 22%. Contacted Onmo about this, asking about the direct debit and about how the daily interest was calculated - no response.

Same thing happened again the next month.

Will be paying off the balance in full manually and cutting up my Onmo credit card, it’s unacceptable for financial services companies to treat their customers like this and ignore them when they complain…