Direct debit limits?

Are there any limits to direct debit payments? I’ve looked at the “Limits” page in the app and they are not mentioned; the closest match is “Daily bank transfer”.

I need to make a payment to HMRC that is over £10,000. Their web site gives the option of paying by direct debit. Will this work, or will Monzo reject the transaction?

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Think you’d be best asking in app chat

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I’ll try that too; I just thought other people might also find the answer useful.

Is this with a business account or personal account?

Personal. (A one-off: capital gains tax.)

And you’re paying it by Direct Debit?

Or are you just paying direct on your card?

Direct debit — which is why I’m asking the question, direct debits aren’t mentioned on the “Limits” page.

Fair enough, I’ve had to make this payment a couple of times. Never used direct debit though.

Asking on in-app chat is at the “escalate to a specialist” stage at the moment. I know that if I wanted to pay by debit card I’d have to go through the temporary raise of limits procedure; I’m just curious about direct debits because nobody appears to have asked before.


Yeah. Report back once you know, be interesting to find out.

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AFAIK there isn’t a limit for outgoing Bacs payments (direct debits). There is a £20m limit set by Bacs themselves though, so you’d have to stick below that I’d assume :blush:

Sounds like a specialist will be able to confirm this, but I’m pretty confident on the no limit (or high enough that most people aren’t going to need to worry about it anyway!).


I think I’m a few orders of magnitude below that limit so I should be ok… I’ll give it a go and let you all know!


Ok, that’s all set up. I should find out on 23rd January whether it worked!


It worked!