Link Vendor App or website to transaction

It would be lovely to click on a transaction and be able to tap on to a button which opens the vendors app or website.

Example use case:
My phone bill was higher than expected (which monzo already tells me!)

Can it also ask me whether I want to open my mobile data provider so I can see whether I have used too much data (or need to add a bundle to my phone package)

Another use case:
I order something on Amazon but can’t remember what it was.
Sometimes I get charged when it is dispatched instead of when it’s delivered.
So if I hear Monzo tell me a transaction has cleared from Amazon, I can tap to open the amazon app and realise what that late night purchase was!

If monzo was super smart, it would also tell me when my phone contracts are up for renewal and give me a gentle nudge to start window shopping :smiley: