TfL transactions not displayed but money is deducted from the balance


Hello, just reporting a bug I noticed twice now. :slight_smile:

Sometimes TfL transactions aren’t displayed in the feed despite being settled and the money being deducted from the balance. I had this issue twice (on two different cards), and customer support cleared it up and explained it was a TfL charge. The first time was back in January but the second time was just recently - someone sent me some money (through Monzo) and immediately after it seems like the balance didn’t go as far up as it should have. Some time later the TfL charge appeared.

If the money is debited from the balance then Monzo obviously knows about it, so why it is not displayed? It makes very poor UX and potentially could drive people away (I trust Monzo and I know they won’t steal my money, but I know a lot of people who’d outright freak out).

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hi Andre,

Here’s the explanation for the bug -

Emphasis mine.

PayPal Refund - resultant erroneous account balance in app

Yes I did notice that, I’m still reporting it as a bug as it’s still not fixed and makes for very awful UX. I guess if there isn’t enough info to display a transaction (for example, the amount is there but the merchant can’t yet be identified) maybe display a “Pending transaction: x.xx£” until more info is available?

Thanks for your reply though :slight_smile:

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This bug bothers me quite a bit too, for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

My guess is that Monzo have decided not to address it because it will (hopefully) be fixed when the current accounts launch.

Since the transaction info from TFL is handled by Monzo’s processor at the moment, Monzo may have less control over what appears when. But Monzo will be their own processor for the current accounts.

I could be wrong there though.