Withdrawal gambling Monzo

Hello. My name is Andrei. Is somebody who used mastercard debit card Monzo to withdraw from Red 32 or Unibet? If yes in how many days the withdrawal has arrived? I withdrawed yesterday on 20.03.2021.

You need to ask the company, it isn’t something Monzo control.

When the transaction reaches your account, Monzo will show you.


From when 32red process the withdrawal, it takes 3 to 7 days to reach your account.

32red say this in their help pages

Up to 7 days (not including Saturday or Sunday)

I think PayPal is within 12 hours

Gamble responsible. If this is your first time gambling and your first win stop. I mean it you’ll get addicted and end up losing triple you won.

I kinda agree with you right there.
I used to be addicted as I saw it as a way to earn money, however I always lost.

It’s hard to quit aswell - I’m slowly getting better, most people including myself don’t know they’re addicted until they’ve realised how much they’ve spent.

Instead of gambling I put the money I would have spent into a pot (starting this on Monday) and use it for stuff i need.
I originally put it into a date pot when I tried this last year but failed as I never got any dates so ended up losing it all.