Online Banking Dashboard

(Jamie) #1

As much as I love the Monzo app, I still don’t feel 100% confident making it my main bank card to use due to 1 simple factor, no online banking dashboard.

I like many other keep track of my finances on my pc daily and log into my bank account to view transactions etc so if you could have some web view that would allow me to view my account/transactions direct debits etc online that would be amazing and I would make it my primary card immediately!

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(Herp Derp) #2

Been discussed quite a few times

Most recent here

(Jamie) #3

Aware of them. I just wanted to add a fresh topic to keep the importance of it.


I doubt another thread will keep the importance of it. With the API, it will be relatively easy for someone to build a simple website to login and access your Monzo account.

It isn’t something I would use every day, however I would probably check it every month or so unless something stands out like a sore thumb in the app. I also understand the use cases for it :+1: