Meet the 'Oppo Find X' 👀

Came across this while aimlessly scrolling around the internet. From the company that brought us OnePlus,
Oppo Find X is the latest flagship phone from a long-running Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo.

Instantly I was drawn by that OLED display and the fancy looking camera mechanism! :heart_eyes:

Under the hood; Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage and 3730mAh battery! :eyes:

Only thing I’ll always question is OS so let’s see what usage reviews are like!..

What do you think?!


That looks insanely cool. Would love to check it out in person.


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No doubt the phone looks amazing, but I hope this mechanical camera slider doesn’t become a thing.


It’s the best implementation that I’ve seen of it so far to be fair. I don’t like the other phone where a little square pops up in the top left corner.

I’m not really a big selfie fan, so I’d sacrifice the front facing camera for a bigger screen if it was me.

Was watching a few reviews from hands on, the motor to move the camera section is supposed to be extremely loud, and advised not to be used in silent rooms if you don’t want attention!

Looks really cool though!

Its got the rear cameras also on this section, and it has to open and close to unlock the phone, no fingerprint sensor.

I’m actually really happy to see companies doing different things with hardware.

This whole thin rectangle thing is getting boring now.

I still miss my Sidekick 3 with it’s flip-out screen.



I miss the swivel Motorola V70! :smiley:



dredging up another old thread rather than start a new one … does any one have any experience of the find x3 pro ? its a toss up between oppo and pixel at the mo