OnePlus 7 / Oppo R19

Now, I know we don’t even have the OnePlus 6T yet, but the design for the Oppo R19 has allegedly leaked:

The Oppo R series is apparently the template for OnePlus devices (the brands are owned by the same firm), so can we expect to see something like this in Summer 2019? (Notch? What notch?)


That’s cool how the camera is surrounded by screen!
Although not sure what benefit it has to the end user, it hardly makes a difference and maybe they should have just moved it up closer to the boarder to keep it out of the way.

No notch. Win.

Unfortunately I don’t trust Oneplus for software quality… it was bugs in the 5T that pushed me to finally buy a Pixel.

Wow this looks fantastic :heart_eyes: I may well save and see what comes after the 6T.

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No new info, but this looks beautiful :heart_eyes:

Just a concept video, but this looks amazing:

Not sure why that link’s not expanding, but the video is here:


Apparently the OnePlus 7 is a pop-up camera, not a slider! Interesting…

Sounds like Vivo Nex (Oppo’s budget brand)