iPhone 11 / 11Max / XR2 - Sep 20th Release?

Pretty much in line with when they release every year.


I was thinking of switching to Android this year. I’m still undecided. I have an iPhone X now and want some new features, mostly a dual-SIM phone.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the most appealing to me purely because I think even my iPhone X was too expensive. The price isn’t justifiable now they’re £1000


If Google don’t blow my mind with the Pixel 4 then I’m thinking of doing the same, or waiting for a OnePlus 7T.

That refresh rate, full screen display and pop-up camera looks mighty tempting, especially coming in at a solid £150 or so less than what the Pixel 4 XL will probably cost.

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I don’t think the Pixels will ever blow anyones mind, that is until you own and use one.

I’ve got a Pixel 2, and even at the time it looked incredibly dated, and the specs were okay, but after owning it I’ve grown to love the little features that would probably be overlooked. To me one of the best features is the phone caller lookup, if someone is ringing me and it’ll display a business name etc.

It really is the little software bits. Having said that, I’m due a new phone in November and will be debating the new iPhone mainly because I have a macbook, but most likely I will get a new Pixel just because there would be too many things I’d miss with anything else

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Depending on what happens between me and Apple this week with a watch repair, will decide if u get a XR2 to place my current one

I had always used Apple until last year then moved to the Pixel 2. I never minded the looks and still don’t now. To be fair I’m not even that fussed about the notch on the 3XL.

That being said i recently moved to a Samsung S10+ for the dual sim and it works great for seamless work and personal calls. The only trouble is, even though Samsung are better than they once were, they still cram a lot of crap you don’t need onto the phone which you end up duplicating if you want to use other apps.

I will however move back to Pixel when the 4 comes out as i loved the no nonsense approach to software and updates on the pixel phones.

I’ve had the Pixel 2 XL since it came out and I do love it.

But if the pricing is the same this year they will really will have to justify it. OnePlus phones weren’t as good as Pixels (IMO) in the past. But now, they tend to have faster read/write storage, more RAM, and better screens. For less money. And they’re getting developer previews of future Android releases at roughly the same time as the Pixels.

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I’ve been iPhone loyal for many many years however I truely believe my XS Max is the last for me. It’s just getting to the stage nothing about them seems innovative anymore.

Looking at the OnePlus 7 Pro in particular… that looks an absolute beauty.
iPhone XS Max… well, it’s an iPhone. Apart from that, nothing is screaming at me!! :flushed:

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The OnePlus 7 is a beast of a iPhone I’ve been debating if I should trade my XS Max in for one but ask yourself this.

Why do we chose apple? The eco system and simple software and design.

iPhone 11 - New camera, battery and probs an updated screen.

2020 iPhone 12 redesign. Your XS max should last you till 2020 don’t upgrade if it still working.

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I’m always amazed how quick some people are to switch between iOS and Android.

Don’t you have a significant number of apps that you use that you’d need to re-purchase (or find an alternative for) on a new platform?

Don’t you enjoy the ecosystem you’re in? I know the ability to use iMessage on my iPhone, Watch, Mac, and iPad and all of the awesome interoperability would make switching unappealing. Even if I did fancy what’s on the ‘other side’, I think I’d have to give up so much to make the switch.

There are definitely some awesome Android handsets, so I’m not anti-Android by any means. In fact I’d imagine someone in the Google ecosystem would have similar difficulties switching to iOS, yet people seem to switch as if it were the most trivial thing in the world.


Holy crap - what was wrong with them? That some seriously bad luck!

All the major apps I use are available on both platforms and almost all are free services. I use both platforms so I have no need to switch per se, but if I did I can’t imagine it being a huge issue.

I intentionally stick to services that are cross platform. I don’t want my choice of notes app to limit my choice of phone / watch / car.

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I might go back to Android when my current contract expires, but that’s not for another year… though I do have an Apple Watch, so would have to give that up :frowning:

I’ve also gotten mighty used to being able to call/text from my iPad and MBP… having other Apple devices, having an iPhone as well just makes things easier.

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Recently switched to Android and I think it’s fantastic. I’ve got the S10 5G and it’s brilliant.

Apple are lacking serious innovation.

From experience, it’s actually not the labourious, especially considering you can connect your iPhone straight to your new Android device and it’ll transfer everything - or that’s what can be done on Samsung anyway.

That’s an Android feature - the Pixel devices even include a USB-C to USB connector to allow it.

The Xs is dual sim and I suspect the 11 will likely be the same. I was really hoping for this too so I could ditch the work blackberry. The Xs having this was the only main reason I upgraded. Unless there is something really fancy on the 11 I’m unlikely to upgrade again.

This is the feature I most want, however I don’t want the eSIM version. You’re basically stuck to EE in the UK with that one if you have another foreign SIM. There’s one version of the Xs which is dual-nanoSIM though which I’ve had my eye on. I hope the Xs 2 keeps that model.

I think the one with two physical sims was only released in China. I’d be surprised if it came to the UK unless they offered triple sim (Apple are unlikely to drop the eSIM).

I was already with EE so it worked for me using the eSIM. And they tend to adopt the other Apple elements faster.