One tiny thing

They are different, aren’t they? I’ve always thought I’ve heard a difference.

Doesn’t the incoming sound begin with a sort of ‘coin flip’, and the outgoing sound more like a cash register?


I would love an easy & quick way to change a pot’s type/provider without having to delete it and create a new one.

Also looking at the Twitter responses - Monzo refer to the 2018 Community Post about Dark Mode as “on our radar”:


Well, I have it on my android, but not directly via the Monzo app. A forum post on here showed me how to do it.

In the phone’s notification settings, select Monzo, then you have the facility to define different sounds to different tasks.

See if the notifications setting within iOS for the app allow the same.

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Where does it take you? It just opens the home page for me.



The Paywalling of features


This is a topic that is crying out for this “one tiny thing” that is genuinely the only thing that really annoys me about the Android app:

When you scroll back through your feed, select a transaction, and then go back to the feed it stays at the original scroll position :tada:

When you do the same for the feed from a search it resets the scroll position :x:

I would dearly love this inconsistency to be resolved by:


The fact that they are prepared to waste developer time on something IMO completely pointless like dark mode, when they could be adding useful features like cheque imaging.

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It’s not as simple as replacing a feature you want with one you don’t want. They aren’t equal.


I like the idea of bills pots but I think now it would have been so much better to just let people have multiple accounts

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CVV in app :slight_smile:


takes me to the add money page …strange eh :slight_smile:

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How often are people using Monzo — to warrant using dark mode?

Surely people are on for a few moments at a time?

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How the names on bank accounts added to my payee list appear on my feed with the name set in their bank account. For example, if someone is added as John Smith to my payee list, it may appear as Smith J, etc if they pay me via transfer.


It usually is at 3am when I’m working! The most soul destroying thing about working nights is watching my direct debits come out one by one…


When I’m in one of my pots, if I tap “back” (next to “home” or “tab view”) to try and go back to account overview, Monzo exits as if I was tapping “home” … Android obvs :wink:


The one tiny thing that annoys me is the way a pot is shown as visually subsidiary to a particular account.

Mostly because it’s a symptom of the balkanisation of accounts at monzo with multiple types of account which partially overlap and all the problems that brings. If all accounts including pots were treated as equal monzo could do interesting things like shared accounts (both business and personal), read-only accounts, child accounts, cards for any account, acc nos for any account etc. and push out changes to all accounts instead of having them head in different directions. There is far more commonality between account types than there should be differences.

I’ve said this so many times

When the value of a pot is less than the default transfer rate (which is £5) the set amount should be equal to the pot amount. So in my example. It should be set to 1.

The fact is you can’t transfer negatives so why offer it?


They sound different to me though…just haven’t taken time to know which was which yet.