One tiny thing

Ok, yeah, so:

Money taken out: a few coins clattering across a surface.

Money being paid in: coins dropping in a hollow manner into jar.

Hope that helps! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

And, oh, I use an android phone, Samsung.

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We don’t consistently use the same sounds in the app for everything, and I think there might be disparity between OSs.

However I believe this is a relatively easy fix (& might already have been implemented while I’m on holiday!)


Not having the option to exclude incoming payments from summary. E.g. if I split a payment with another Monzo user.

It completely breaks budgeting.

If you categorise the incoming payment the same as the transaction you split, does that not do it?


For example… I have a holidays fund in a pot. I bought flights a while back and excluded the whole payment from summary as it’s not part of my usual monthly budget and the money has already been ringfenced.

I then split it with my partner.

The incoming funds he sent cannot be excluded and artificially bump up my whole monthly budget by the amount he’s sent.

The only way I can get around it is to include the flights in my monthly budget (which is frustrating as I like to keep it the same each month for essentials, hence having holiday funds in a pot).

I’ve flagged this as a bug on this forum, but I’m guessing Monzo staff don’t check here that often anymore (gone are the days when Simon would flag stuff to the developers!)

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Ahhh that’s a bit rubbish. I’ve never excluded anything from summary so was just curious. Thanks for explaining :grin:

One tiny thing.

A simple toggle on/off function,

I want to select which pot my card payments come from.

Clever people at monzo could probably knock it together in thier lunch break. :slight_smile:

Or they could eat their lunch


Nothing I enjoy better than people who think adding a feature to software is (as we refer to it in my office) the work of a mere moment. In my experience even the smallest of changes can have a massive impact. Something like the card payments process, though? Yeah that’s going to be a doosie.

Still, got to admire the optimism.


Can’t you just do it quickly?

All you need to do is change the code. Instead of “Money go out of account” it needs to be “Money go out of pot”

Monzo, you can have that for free.

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Even a “simple toggle” will have weeks and weeks of testing ahead of it - so that’s something else to consider also :slight_smile:

Yes, I know its slightly more than rattling a few keys on the keyboard… I was more praising them for being very clever and have the ability to make great things happen… :slight_smile:

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Yeah this would save me so many touchpoints and should be a really simple change!


Reminds me of this floating around the internet some time ago:


I feel I may have been overthinking my last twenty years of software!

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