One tiny thing

Monzo are asking via their Twitter account:


What’s that one thing that’s currently annoying you about the app?

Edit: if you’re interested:

Edit: posted on Monzo’s Instagram:


Being able to pay anything out of a pot. I get the reasons why though, and currently use IFTTT to do it for me. But would be nice if I can say purchases from this merchant withdraw from this pot.

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Plus V3

On a serious note, not being able to pay for card subscriptions (e.g Netflix) from the Bills Pot


Pot transfers.

I have a couple of hidden pots. If I want to save a few quid extra into a hidden pot, I have to unhide the pot, select the pot, add money and then hide it again.


One tiny thing huh?

Being asked by a company that has a forum FULL of ‘tiny things’ that it could tackle…? /snark

OK OK, fine. One tiny thing, more custom icons please, I want a Plus one, or just different colour options.


I can’t understand why you’re unable to pay the Plus fee from a pot. :thinking:


I wish the sounds for an incoming payment and an outgoing payment were different. I never know whether to be excited or disappointed :joy:


This post exactly, barely anything that’s mentioned about tiny things that could be dealt with are either acknowledged or worked on.

For me just having an app that has the same features regardless of being Android or iPhone would be a start.


It’s always outgoing, Dan. Always. :sob:


I have exactly this on my android phone

I just noticed this today, so not that annoying. But very tiny.

On iOS, long pressing the app icon brings up three options.

  1. Send money
  2. Add money
  3. Freeze card

Only Send Money does what it says (it opens the payments page). The other two just open the app to the home page.

Android just has the Send Money feature.

I didn’t know that until your post, so cheers :+1:

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iOS - add money works for me as well as send money, I didnt know that a long press did this - ta :slight_smile:

I wish I could get different notifications sounds / custom vibrations for different notification types. (On iOS).

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Yet again, disparity between platforms :man_shrugging:

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Does Android have this?! Dammit…

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Android used to have more, possibly the same as listed for iOS. Guess the difference is the Android build managed to have them removed when they stopped working :sweat_smile:

I didn’t know this was a thing. Went to try it and all three actions on mine just take me to the home screen :confounded:

Always disappointed Dan; always disappointed.