TestFlight Release Discussion

mine is on the left :laughing:

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You mean yours doesn’t do this? Data removed for obvious reasons

I just had it where above the card image where it will usually say “Personal Account” said “Updating” with a spinning circle, then it rolled back to “Personal Account”.

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Sorry I photoshopped mine so I don’t look as stupid :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Mine is the same, I’m just an idiot

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:wave: I just wanted to chime in here to clear up some confusion! The changes some of you are reporting are part of improvements we’re working on in the relatively new “core app” team. There are some visual improvements (like the “Updating…” spinner and the rolling numbers mentioned above), improvements to the syncing logic itself to make it much less likely that your transactions and your balance are not in sync, and better error/offline states for when the sync goes wrong. We have also aligned Android and iOS to have the same experience where previously they behaved differently (and in many cases unpredictably).

We are rolling this out gradually and approximately 50% of you should be seeing these already and we hope to go to 100% on these on Monday.


Thanks for the update @robinb, makes sense why we can’t all see it then :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing more of what this team does


Sounds good robin.

Nice to hear there is a team now tasked with doing general sprucing!


Agree with the others, it is fantastic to hear there is a team that is dedicated to the core app. This is something that’s been a problem in the past – features added, then the team moves on, and little issues in the app don’t get addressed. The data updating, being notified of it, and the balance being accurate is a perfect example of this, and I’m very glad it’s being sorted! Thanks for letting us know.


Well apparently Monzo just released a new update with the shiny new animations… On a Friday? Hmm

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Hi Robin, thanks for explaining!

On the core team, are you able to tell us if this is brand new? I thought that this was @bruno’s squad that created the new look - who then got pulled into Plus then got hit by Covid - is this something separate?

Yes it’s fairly new, we’re currently a smaller team and more focused than @bruno 's previous team (of which I was on too). The focus is making the app a little bit better every week and address some of the big & small issues that we haven’t been able to get to over the past years.


Music to my ears Robin, would it be too much to ask politely for you to come back and summarise the changes to us if/when they come to the app? especially for those that arent all that obvious at first glance :slight_smile:


Oh wow. This is everything. :hot_coral_heart:

(We can crowd source minor irritations if you like. Actually, we might already have done that…)


Can we start with bringing iOS & Android up to a higher level of feature parity? :stuck_out_tongue:


What would you like to see that you don’t consider to be parity right now? :slight_smile: (I am aware Search is still one that’s mentioned a lot).

Android-iOS Parity Wiki :slight_smile:


This is fab! Would you like a little list of things we notice that could be fixed, or added? It could be called the Little List :slight_smile:


(New thread time…?)


Seconding @Addzy’s post above.

One that gets me so much on iOS is inability to add notes to all transactions.

Even if this wasn’t on Android it’s so difficult/annoying that all transactions aren’t treated the same in terms of notes.