I couldn't move my money for 2 days

There is a limit of £10k for payments out of Monzo. I requested a higher limit on Sunday and went through the usual process (passport selfie etc). It took Monzo almost 48 hours to enable to move.

They said it was because I needed to ensure the money was in the account before they increased the limit (not sure why) - and that they can only increase limits during the working day (the money was in the account and I informed them yesterday during the working day).

It’s the second time I’ve had to send multiple messages and wait more than a day to be able to transfer my money.

This is fundamentally a customer service issue. I was passed around between four different COPS and no one took ownership.

So you COULD move your money, but it took several msgs to make it happen?

Maybe edit your title?

Agree it’s not a great experience, but I’m guessing there are a few extra steps for Monzo to go through if you are moving more than £10k (which is why there is a limit)?

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Edit the title to “I couldn’t my money in a timely manner … it took 48hrs … then I could”

It took 10 messages and 48 hours.

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For what it’s worth, I called up and had it actioned immediately when I needed to do this last month.

I’ve kind of given up on the in app chat…


That’s interesting - I didn’t even know I could do that. I’ll try that next time.

The issue was mainly the lack of communication. One COP told me it’ll be done soon yesterday evening - and it still took until this afternoon.


Yeah that’s not a great experience at all.

I understand their need to check things and such when increasing limits but as everyone seems to be saying at the moment… the support is lacking

I thought they learnt how important CoPS were at Christmas but obviously not.

Yep totally agree. I’m happy they’re protecting my money. I just wish COPS were more responsive and delivered when they say they would.

It’s also a problem that there’s no consistency - being passed around from COP to COP. The last time I messaged them with a question, I started to get somewhere, then someone else came online and took over and I had to explain again, and they didn’t understand. I gave up trying to get an answer in the end.


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