One more thing

I wonder what this could be? :thinking::computer:


If Trump wins - they’re relocating their head office outside of the UK.

If Biden wins - they’re launching a game console :see_no_evil:


It’s definitely the Macs looking at the AR event logo

But I hope they’ll sneak in an Apple TV as a one more thing. The rumours have been going around since spring!

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Likely Macs and Big Sur, They’ll likely be reminding that they have a Pro Max out that Friday too

Apple Card coming to UK so now we can have Apple Metal card instead of Munzo Metal card.



I haven’t bought anything with an Apple logo on for over two weeks. I’m starting to get anxious.


Cleaning kit only £69.99


This is the official one.

It will be Macs with Apple CPUs, moving away from Intel.

About time. Literally been holding out to buy a new laptop for this.

Let’s hope they can hit the £999 sweet spot for the MacBook Air model.

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Could we be about to see Monzo on MacOS? Or will they opt out? (@AlanDoe) :eyes:

If we’re talking fantasy lists, can I please have USB C on my iPhone!

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I must be the only person that doesn’t like USB-C. At least not for power. I’m probably still annoyed that it took MagSafe away from me on the mac. I can’t stress how vital MagSafe is when have a clumsy dog.

I hope they just skip USB-C in the phone now and keep going with MagSafe. Bring it back to the mac, and iPad too, please Apple! :pray:

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No doubt they will, for “environmental” reasons!

I don’t understand the environmental argument, there will be billions of lightning cables in existence!

My upgrade would have involved throwing those away and buying more. I think the only USB-C item I have is my work laptop. If you’ve been Android for ages and you have them everywhere then it’s a pain I get that.

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Okay, I’m here for this. What time does it kick off? 6pm?

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Oddly enough, this is the one I’m most excited for. Despite bug sur. iPhones be damned.

I’m only watching for Craig.