One card for joint and personal accounts


I would love to be able to have 1 card that covers both my personal and joint account. This could be managed by either the app just before purchase, a pop up or some kind of holding section that lets you move between accounts

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It may be that a Curve would be an answer to this. I don’t have a Monzo joint account, but I guess you could add two Monzo cards to Curve and have the opportunity of ‘going back intime’ to swap recent spending between the cards.


Yeah; that is a way around it, only problem is Curve butchers the merchant data AFAIK. The Monzo app is way nicer too IMO

Depends on what you mean by ‘butchers the data.’ As far as I can see from my Monzo timeline, the only difference is the merchant icon.

Within the Curve app there are some ways that the merchant data is handled better.

I quite like the idea of two pin numbers to differentiate accounts.

Online transactions could be handled with a virtual card.


I feel like a broken record with my bunq comments :smile: .

This is how Dutch bank bunq works. You assign a card to the account of your choice and can swap and change the account the card is attached to. You can have multiple personal accounts and multiple shared accounts. I hope (but doubt) Monzo would go in this direction.

Shame it’s just a Euro account.


Bunq would be my first choice if it launches in the UK.

Great idea.