One card - multiple accounts

Not sure how complex it is to set this up, but I really like the behaviour of Curve in terms of being able to carry one card and moving transactions between different cards.

Could Monzo adopt similar behaviour for those of us that have a current account and a joint account? And perhaps eventually for spending from pots as well? It would be great to have one Monzo card to rule them all and be able to spend from my different accounts with that.

Sorry if this has already been suggested!

A good idea for convenience, although nothing appears to be planned to provide this.
Topic also mentioned here; Extraordinary ideas that only Monzo would try!

EDIT: Open Banking (when it arrives) may provide the tools for banks to access other banks to ‘swap’ information via secue API’s - in theory enabling this or a similar scenario. But we’re at the mercy of the banks to implement such features.

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It seems to make sense. I doubt you’ll see it happening soon, as I suspect that the behind the scenes work would be quite complex. There could also be regulatory issues to overcome.

As much as I like this idea, it’s not something I feel Monzo need to do. Curve exists for this reason :slight_smile:


I hope this isn’t classed as off-topic but I’ve had issues with my Curve card not being accepted online, at places like the Playstation Network store. Never had an issue with Monzo.

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I’ve had the opposite :man_shrugging:

Very strange. Curve did say to me in an email:

This is usually because the retailer requires 3DS-enabled cards. At the moment, Curve doesn’t support 3DS but has plans to in the future.

So that’s all I can think of.

I don’t know the technical details, but I do know I’ve been a bank customer for over 40 years, and the only bank which has ever failed to make a payment was Monzo. And on more than one occasion.

Care to share more about which merchants you’ve had trouble with? Did you post in Help at the time?

The most recent was Smarty. It was a 3DS issue, but it wasn’t resolved (I used Curve and it worked fine). Another was a car park in Hertfordshire; I reported it the first time, but nothing had changed a few months later.

It means I never “trust” Monzo, and I’m always pleasantly surprised when it works (which is over 99% of the time, to be fair)

Oh, another time was a shop where I made a contactless payment, but managed to leave without paying. I spoke to the shop on the phone, but my card got frozen when trying to make a payment. Curve came to the rescue again.

That’s a shame. :slightly_frowning_face:

Did the card reader make that contactless beep?

I was chatting with the shopkeeper, and all I can say with certainty is that a piece of paper came out, which he put in the till. They don’t automatically offer, and I wasn’t expecting, a receipt so I just took my goods and left.

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