Joint Account Spending Allocation

For the up coming joint accounts; could there be an option to only have one bank card for both a current account and joint account, but allocate a payment to the right account in the app? Maybe with a 24hr time limit for the allocation?

As a story;
As a Monzo joint account user, after making a payment with my current account card, I have 24hrs to choose to allocate the payment to the joint account so that shared expenses/accounts only require one card.

My use case/scenario;
My partner and I both have a current account. We open a new Monzo joint account. The joint account’s main purpose is to cover things like typical monthly bills, so a nominal amount is paid in each month which also includes our budgeted monthly grocery shopping amount. In our independent accounts are our disposable income amounts. Rather than having 2 cards each, one for the independent current account and one for the joint account - it would be great to be able to pay for groceries etc on an independent current account card, but actually allocate the payment to the joint account rather than having to constantly transfer money in and out. This would be a great, easy and contemporary way of of dealing with shared spending.


You can re-allocate expenses between cards now with Curve, so I don’t see any reason why Monzo couldn’t do this with joint accounts. On the other hand, it’s really easy to transfer money to friends with Monzo, so there might not be any great need.

All of the above IMHO, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

Especially, given that Monzo - unlike Curve - wouldn’t need to deal with actual refunds etc: It’d just be a case of putting the transaction on a different ledger. Since each customer would only have at most 2 accounts, this could even be done with notification actions, which would finally make those notifications actually useful, although I guess ideally the same mechanism could be adopted for payments from pots.

I think we talked about two pins on one card to allow similar behaviour, as well.

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