Second Monzo card

hi, can i get a second card?

for a joint account yes - ( second card for a different account including your CA card ) , a business account yes , a personal account no , CA - you can apply for a replacement card and not activate it , I presume you could for the other accounts as well , such an open question :slight_smile:

hi, wasn’t meant to be an open question just simply want a 2nd card for my wife to operate from the same account not link 2 accounts

I dont think that is possible , logically who would be responsible eg for any fraud etc etc …your only option I think would be a joint account

ok thank you ,i will look at doing that when my card arrives

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typing “I want a second card” into the search function in app gives you this answer -


Here’s a second card for Monzo, signup in your name, add Monzo in the app, hand Curve card over to your wife.