Move Transaction To Different Card / Back In Time Feature


As I now have two Monzo cards (one joint), it’d be great if I only needed to carry one, but then have the ability to move transactions to a different card at a later date.

Similar to Curve, but for all my Monzo accounts only - which I imagine will be more than two one day.


  • Carry one (sole account) card
  • Purchase daily shopping which should come out of joint account
  • Pay using sole account card
  • Transaction made on sole account
  • Later move transaction to joint account
  • Transaction is refunded on sole account and debited from joint account (or maybe quick way to transfer money and automatically label why, to avoid merchant seeing the transaction change)


  • Only need to carry one card
  • Can review transactions and move to different cards at later date

Apologies if this has been covered already.




You should be able to do this with Curve.


I mention Curve in the original post. My ideal situation would be to get rid of Curve and rely on a single Monzo card.


Your best bet is just to move the money over. Good idea though.

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Curve app can do this. I am using it from few months now. All good.

I was coming here to suggest this, I often have the wrong card or more often apple pay something forgetting to switch cards! I would love to be able to move transactions from my personal card to the joint or even to a friend!

That’s a Curve card you’re describing

Or to an enemy :joy:


It is and I have a curve card but they don’t have apple pay so I rarely use it!

It’s a pain. I’d certainly use it more if they had Apple Pay. I did read some time ago that it was coming…

Either choose the correct card on apple pay, or use Curve.