Mondo on TfL Busses

Hey Mondo crew,

Just a note on my use of Mondo on TFL busses: I got on a new Routemaster the other day and used my Mondo card on the reader inside, a few stops down the road some of the TFL card squad got on and validated everyone’s cards to make sure they’d paid. They were unable to validate my Mondo card, saying their machine couldn’t process it as a card. They were cool and believed me that I’d paid and said that some cards are still being included into their database which could be the problem.

Don’t know if anyone else has had this happen? The card certainly works on TFL and underground as the barriers open when I’ve used it, but just a warning the fraud guys might draw a blank if they ask you to proove you’ve paid!

This is a known issue :slight_smile: Check out Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞 :smiley:


I personally think there are issues with those little blue readers they all use as my banks debit card shows as it has been tapped at the start when i know for a fact it hasn’t, this has happened a few times.

I wasn’t fare dodging by the way I had paper tickets (was on the train) as they were bought on company expenses I just thought I’d see what happens.