Card declined reporting

(andrew) #1

I’ve had a couple of transactions declined over the past few days. Should I report them here? They are not showing up in my Mondo feed and I think that’s because the merchant is blocking the card number range, so you know nothing about it.

The 2 I’ve had recently were:

Tesco Petrol Station pay at pump
BrewDog online shop (full disclosure - I’m a shareholder)

Manchester Metrolink Tram service
(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey @andrew, that’s really interesting thanks! I would guess that those merchants automatically block prepaid cards - we’re working on a list of merchants that do this which I’ll add to the Known Issues/Bugs page too.

We’ll try to get in contact with retailers that block us but it would also be super helpful if you were able to (especially BrewDog ;))

Thank you!

(Alistair) #3

I’ll try and confirm later this week but seemed like the automated national rail (Great Northern) ticket machines didn’t recognise the Mondo card - could be that that particular machine was broken, paying at the ticket office worked fine though.

(Richard Owen) #4

Also add “Arriva Rail North Ltd” to the list (probably at the bottom, I’ll admit). On three occasions their on-train handheld terminals carried by the train conductor have declined me. Their ticket offices work fine with Mondo however.

On board train tickets
(joenixon) #5

The card got declined via contactless at a co-op in Bristol (I didn’t try by chip & pin)

(dphobson) #6

The card has been declined this morning on the “First Bus” app when I tried to buy a bus ticket, not sure why as it’s an online txn.

(jevans) #7

My card was declined contactless on my first transaction until I realised you probably have to make a PIN verified transaction before contactless get’s the green light to spend

(Tristan Thomas) #8

That’s weird @jevans, it actually should work contactless the first time. Let us know if you have other issues :slight_smile:

(yousefcisco) #9

My card was declined twice at Superdrug in Bangor, Wales using contactless.

(steve1) #10

Asda Pay at Pump failed for me yesterday. Transaction cancelled before I’d got to PIN entry. You’ve mentioned Tesco Pay at Pump doesn’t work, so I imagine this is a similar issue.

(Just posted this on the known issues thread, so have to add some text here because the posts are too similar apparently. Hoping this is enough :slight_smile: )

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #11

Hi Tristan just had my card declined / blocked by “the train line” FYI - cheers

(Jonathan Jensen) #13

Hi. Just had my card declined twice by Just Giving. Any previous problems there?

(osmanhankir) #14

And I just had mine declined at a Tesco Metro a few minutes ago which usually works :confused:

(both contactless and chip & pin)

(Tristan Thomas) #15

Sorry, our card processor seems to have gone down for five minutes. All back up and running now - I’ll make sure to keep you updated if it happens again :frowning:

(ellie.quigley) #16

Keep getting declined at Morrisons using contactless, but fine with chip & pin

(ewan.valentine89) #17

Morrisons - Contactless. Works fine chip & pin though.

(Jonathan Jensen) #18

Just Giving transaction just went through fine so was your card processor. Thanks.

(Jonathan Jensen) #19

Card declined at 7.54 when TfL did an active card check. More processor problems? I forced a resubmit at 9.25 and it was approved.

(ewan.valentine89) #20

Cross Country trains, transaction for a coffee failed. The lady serving did pre-warn me that ‘some cards fail’.

(steve1) #21

Morrissons, Newport Road, Cardiff - contactless declined. Chip and pin successful