What property would you buy if you won the lottery?

For me it would be a Scottish castle like this


I’d build my own house


You’d never be done cleaning it

you would have serfs surely ?


A chalet in a very good ski resort.

A large Manhattan penthouse apartment with views :cityscape:, preferably near Union Square or Soho :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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That looks epic, I’m actually thinking £8m seems pretty cheap compared to the “basic” houses selling for a couple million just because it’s in a nice area. Of course would need a lot more to keep the thing running and staff it. :wink:

As my friend tells me every time we bring this topic up -

If he won 1 million, he’d buy 3 flats at 250,000 and rent them out, which would bring in an income of about £25,000 which is enough to live on, and then add the other 250,000 into savings to spend when and if needed :moneybag:

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How big a win are we talking? :thinking:

Terribly sensible!

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Ummm… Euromillions £170m?

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At £170m you could commission your own castle :smiley:


If buy a penthouse in New York City and a mansion somewhere in the UK countryside. Alternate between the two and rent out the NY penthouse for a few months of the year for some bonus income.

A 4 bed detached house in a nice area of Glasgow. South facing garden, double garage, enclosed back garden for the dogs. Don’t need anything more so the other £168m can be invested for continuing income, allow for first class flights for holidays/months away, and a lot can go to charity/funds etc.


I reckon a penthouse in Manhattan, a beach house in Malibu, and maybe somewhere on the beach in Okinawa (never been there but it looks awesome)

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I’ve had the image in my mind of a top floor penthouse in Berlin near the Brandenburg Gate with views all round to the park and the wider city. Not even sure there is such a thing - might be just fantasising - but love that area so much

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With £170m I’d buy up empty or development plots across the city (London) and build pocket (and not so pocket) parks on them so people have a space to think and time out from the city and provide wildlife a refuge.


With that castle you’d burn through your winnings in no time. Imagine the maintenance, cleaning, heating and everything else and that’s just the inside. The grounds would take a huge amount of upkeep too :scream:

I’d buy a nice plot of land somewhere and would build my own :slight_smile: Wouldn’t want someone driving up to and wandering around my house because they didn’t get the memo that it’s no longer a public attraction :laughing: :wink:


With a win that big, I’d buy a couple properties for my family (one in Glasgow and one near to my parents) and one each for my close family, plus probably one in London that I could let to friends down there (I know a lot of folk in theatre!) and stay in from time to time :slight_smile:

I’d hate to have somewhere so big that the maintenance became a burden :scream:

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Very true, but on the basis that the win is £170m, that still leaves £162m to burn through. It also seems very ‘good value’ when for the same amount of money gets you a 3 bed flat in London