Monzo has changed my life!

Before I went full Monzo a year and a half ago I was in £20k plus debt and had a horrible gambling addiction!

I am now 100% debt free & buying my first house with my partner thanks to Monzo’s great app and it’s features!

Thank you and to many more happy years using Monzo :beers:


That is an absolutely incredible story @asapb3rto!!
I’m working towards being debt free myself so seeing stories like this really is inspirational :slight_smile:



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Hi @asapb3rto :wave:

That’s great news! I’m really glad to hear what you have managed to achieve, with Monzo by your side :muscle:

I wish you all the best for your new home and future!


Can you share more as to this success? £20k + house deposit is near £1,500 a month payback! Is this a high/low percentage of your monthly salary?

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Anything between £1500-2000 a month, paying all the regular bills like phone contract, Apple Music etc then living on £60 a week as spending allowance.


Thanks Roberto. To pay back just £20k without adding interest or saving for a house deposit over 18 months you’d need to save £1.1k a month. I just wonder what other tricks you employed. Did you have any side hustles? Your task seemed impossible on the face of the figures alone! No less impressive none the less.

Whilst Monzo is great for helping you to feel organised and it’s massively helped me, give yourself some credit too. To beat your addiction and save a lot of money, you’ve done incredibly well.


I agree! I also had a horrible gambling addiction and lost a lot of money and i learnt about the gambling block features on Monzo and it’s helped a lot!


Although the gambling block is extremely useful I always found myself opening new accounts to find a way round it, the easiest thing to do is get on GamStop and that pretty much eliminates getting around any blocks.

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