If you were given £100,000, what would you do with it?

(Alex Rogers) #1

Hello fellow Monzo forum members :grinning:

I was having a conversation with my other half last night about a lot of ‘What would you do if ____?’ scenarios. She asked me ‘If you were given £100,000 what would you do with it?’. This particular topic jumped out at me as there are so many different things to do with such a large sum of money.

Personally, at 22, I think i would invest £80k of it into a depost for a house that needed a bit of tlc and spend £10k doing some refurbishments, new carpets etc. After that, I’d have £10k to buy a few things including a new car, new phone, eat out more frequently, maybe a holiday?

I thought it would be interesting to get other people’s opinions. Let me know!

(Richard Cook) #2

Twenty of these.

Serious answer: Use the bulk for a house deposit, invest the rest. Put aside 10k for buying silly things.


I was careless when I was younger and have got into debt which I’m paying off now, aiming to be debt free by the middle of next year. I’d pay off the debts and use the rest towards a property and possibly a car.


£50,000 premium bonds for boring but secure backup.

£50,000 into risky but high potential investment (e.g. Monzo or Freetrade or some other equivalent).

(Dan) #5

The best thing to do if you ever come into any size of fortune, is to not spend any of it for the first couple of weeks.

Let your emotions settle down, otherwise you might buy something you’ll later regret.

Once your emotions have settled, then a deposit towards a house is going to be the smartest move for me. I would probably HomeKit the hell out of it and then treat my partner to a holiday somewhere hot.


All into real estate is such a British thing to do with the money :blush:

I’d probably invest it all in risky ventures. What’s cooler than 100k? 100m :wink:

(Ian Lyon) #7

Pay off every debt I have, put down a deposit on a house, invest the rest.

(Alex Rogers) #8

I think @cookywook’s choice for 10 giant animatronic gorillas during the first few weeks is something that he would not regret :joy:

(Jack) #9

100% put towards a house deposit!
If I already had a house (no mortgage) just invest it and maybe buy a new car and one nice holiday :sunglasses:

(Dan) #10

Having no debt is bad debt. Probably would be a good idea to have some debt e.g. only leave 30% of your credit card balance. It’ll do wonders for your credit score.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #11

Pfft, you people.

Frittering on daft crap you don’t need is the way to go!

(Micky) #12

Hire the A-Team


10,000 pineapple pizzas for everyone to enjoy (or 100,000 from Iceland)

(Jedihomer Townend) #14

I’ve never been able to find them :frowning:

(Alex Rogers) #15

One hell of a party @rarther

(Kieran McCann ) #16

I like the way you think

(Andy Little) #17

Pay off the mortgage and get a nice new kitchen fitted. Then maybe a holiday. Not having to fly cattle class might be nice.

(Only available in amateur ) #18

Pay off my debts, get a car, put some money aside for the kids, small holiday, new computer and phone and all the Ben n Jerry’s I can eat :grin:

The rest can go into high rate isa, premium bonds and a most obliging personal trainer called Carlos…

(Tom Coutts) #19

I would put it towards a house deposit for sure , then as corny as this sounds a holiday for my mum. She brought me and my brother up as a single parent and looking back she did a lot so the least I can do

(Dan) #20

I would order a bucket of caramel and a bucket of marshmallow from Ben & Jerrys.