New Pot Images 🐷

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m Jay, a Product Designer at Monzo. I work on helping you all grow your money through Savings and some other exciting things we have coming down the line.

As you’ll all be aware, we announced our brand refresh late last year. You will have seen us start to update the app with new fonts, colours and now, new illustrations.

Rolling all of this out into a product with 7 million customers is no mean feat. Ensuring everything is accessible, consistent and works across Personal, Business, Plus, Premium, Light mode, Dark mode etc makes this a fun challenge. Oh, and don’t forget overview (App Evolution) and all of the new structural changes we’re making.

Updating the new Pot images, a peek behind the scenes

We based the new Pot images on data we had about how customers use Pots.

Some interesting numbers for you:

  • Almost a third of Pots are themed around saving
  • Over 300k Pots are created each month
  • There have been 4.9m unique Pot names

The 7 most popular pot themes are:

  • Saving
  • Holiday
  • Bills
  • Rainy day
  • Rent
  • Car
  • House

Business have a few unique Pot names like, ‘Tax’ and ‘Wages’ which is why we have a custom set for business. Business also has a slightly different colour scheme.

You can read more about our pot naming data here.

A look at the new images

As always, let us know your thoughts below. Feel free to share how you use these new images with us too! Making sure to hide any personal information.

If you try these and they’re not to your taste. Then you can still always upload your own images. You can also find nice royalty free images on Unsplash.

These will be going live to all customers on March 6th.

Shout out to @JuanDirection and @emmagarland and @samuelbranter for your help with this.


They look good but, but I think you have a wee bit of an obsession with wavy lines!


Guilty as charged ~~~


Was trying to put my finger on what the squiggly line images reminded of, but I think it’s the old ESPA Skin Care monogram!


Are the squiggly line ones in the business image exclusive for business pots or will everyone get all 8? Being different colours adds more variety to the generic ones, and they’re my favourite set between the two as well. And they actually match the new branding colour pallet from the logo!


Bring back hotchip! :placard:

(these look good too :sweat_smile: )


I created a new savings pot last night and was given the new pig image by default, so I guess the rollout has already started :eyes:

The piggy came with the instant saver!



I like them, though just a few minor things:

• on the new overview screen the blur at the bottom makes the image look a bit awkward

• I find the virtual cards colours almost match the current pot images - for example the green/blue matching the car, the green with the cactus etc. which helps knowing what’s for what

• can we have a groceries one featuring the lettuce that lasted longer then Liz Truss

• distinctions of the background colour would be handy for the quick glance / muscle memory

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Please add this to the collection @jayclark :rofl: :pray:


I’ve had to download that and use it on mine, excellent stuff



Shame I will only be using one image as all my money is in the 3% savings pot instead of split into individual pots now.

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I have a road trip coming up, I really need a hot chip road trip one, while they’re driving along with their mate Lettuce in a separate car. :eyes:

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[I’m borrowing the monzo pot ideas and colour palette, hope they don’t mind :)]


Savings, car, house and Christmas would be the winner for me. :laughing:

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ignored the brief a bit I’m afraid, this will have to do haha:

Hot Chip’s anatomy is unsettling.

I’ll stop now.