Old Pot Images from v2 2019

I’ve just created a couple of pots (I haven’t for a while). I want to use the a couple of images from the below series to match what I have before. Can someone advise where I can find them?

I know Monzo released some old images when they did an update previously.

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Unless someone on here saved a copy for themselves, they’re gone, and replaced with the new style graphics you see throughout the app.

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I’ve just decompiled the app version 3.20.0 from February 2020 (pre-Plus/Premium v2) and they’re not in there. I vaguely recall these images were not local, but pulled from the Monzo servers when needed in the app. In which case, @ordog is right.

Then you didn’t look thoroughly enough!


Good find. But did you spend 10 days searching for those? :wink:


Only about 5 minutes! Most of which was spent dragging them across to safari and then arranging them in the order of the pic in OP :joy:

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Respect awarded for intense searching there :+1:

Although I’ve since found there are some others from 3.20.0 too (after I included the .webp filter… Doh!):

Plus lots of other base colours.


Guys, you can find the old pot images like this:

Savings and Investments>Archived Pots>Unarchive Pots :wink: