Old Monzo account can't login

i have had a monzo account before but had to close it, i now want to restart it but it will not let me use the same mobile number as i want to , how can i fix this and it will not let me sign up in the app or online with my same email address either> what am i doing wrong?

can someone help?

You’ll want to send an email to help@monzo.com explaining the situation and they’ll get your account up and running again. Plenty of people have done it and it sounds like it’s a quick and easy thing for them to do once they’ve verified who you are etc.

Don’t expect a swift response though.


You can’t reopen a previously closed account yourself, only Monzo can do this. You need to get in touch with them by calling or emailing.

Only one phone number can be associated with one account, so that is why you’re getting this error :slight_smile:

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