Offsetting amounts in Spend categories

Hello fellow Monzo Users - 1st post here :slight_smile:

Contrary to some other users in here, I love the Summary graph. I have set a simple budget amount that I try to stick to by the end of the month. The categories also help me realise how and where I spend my money more easily. There’s only one fault in my opinion:

If say, I pay £300 for an accommodation that will be shared between 5 of us. Not everyone uses Monzo so this will be shared by receiving “income” from my friends in different transactions. I will classify both the £300 and separate receipts from my friends to the Holidays category. However, the Summary will only consider the ‘Spends’ in determining the amount spent in the ‘Holiday’ category and in the total for the month - and it will ignore any receipts in the same category.

This means that my total spend would be overstated by £240 in this case. Would be nice to see Monzo looking into this in the future.

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Once you have made the £300 payment you should be able to click on it, then select ‘split this bill’. Any payments that are then requested to other monzo users will then offset that transaction.

While a link can be sent to non-monzo users also I don’t believe it offsets their payment in the same way when they pay you.

Also, if they pay before you send a payment request there isn’t a way to associate the two.

So it is definitely not perfect now, but you could tweak your process a little and it would help.

You could also play with shared tabs, that might be good enough to for the non-monzo users to consider opening a monzo account for shared bills. You could share this post with them:

is “split the bill” android only? i cannot see it on IOS

This dose not show on any of my transactions :frowning:

Do your transactions have a blue box which says “Try Bill Splitting” or similar?

yes, iv found that now… new batteries needed for my glasses i thinks
thanks for your help


Thank you for your suggestions. I use both the ‘split bill’ option as well as Shared tabs - I find them very useful.

In this case, I had to collect the money prior to the transaction going through so Split Bill couldn’t be used.
Beside, as also the case here, this was a 50% prepayment for a hotel. So even if the split bill was used, the remaining 50% will still go through as my spend in full. It throws away completely my spending record for the month.

Something for the development team to think about - maybe it’s a relatively small tweak!