Money received to offset summary spend figures

If I say spend £200 on transport but it’s a bill that’s split 4 ways, when I receive the £150 from the other parties I should be able to offset this in my monthly spend summary.

Although I can allocate each receipt to the Transport category, they do not show up in the summary spend.

I’m left wondering if this is a bug? It seems bizarre that your monthly spend summary is based on gross expenditure and not net.

I have had to create my own dashboard using Python and taking weekly statement extracts to have a more accurate spend analysis. It would be great for Monzo to simply fix this.

When I split a bill and receive money back and then categorise it, it very much does currently take it off the category in summary for me (adding it as a + rather than a -). Have you got a screenshot or anything to show it not working right for you? (I know this is difficult!)

For example my grocery spend right now in summary is 56

It’s worthing looking through your summary and finding out where the payments into your account are categorised. I believe there might be some issues if it’s categorised as income or offsetting committed spend which sometimes happens I think.

Hi Joe thanks for your response.

You’re absolutely right - when I split bills this works as intended.

I should have clarified - this is for instances where I receive money that’s not directly from a split bill.

For example when it is split with non Monzo users and so I have disparate incoming transactions.

Although I can categorise each one as, they do not get included in that category’s summary.

Screenshot shows money received that is categorised under Entertainment.

Screenshot shows Entertainment summary only showing money spent.

Can you go through your summary and see where it is categorising the payment? It will probably be further down, maybe in the income section under transfers. This could be the issue, I think Summary can be a bit dumb sometimes and puts some incoming transfers under this section meaning they can’t be categorised. I’m hoping this is one of the things that gets fixed with the summary rework Monzo have said they intend to do!

Looking through my previous summary months I’ve found a rebate from sky which has ended up in the incoming transfers section which would have fit much better under the bills category or in the committed bills section rather than under income.

I’ve gone through every summary category and the payments aren’t in any of them.

It appears that the only “debit” values which appear on the summary spend are as a result of split billing.

Any incoming payments etc. Don’t seem to be appearing on there although I have manually categorised them.

In my weekly CSV extracts, these are correctly categorised which allows me to easily produce the more accurate dashboard myself, it’s just very annoying having to do this outside of Monzo.

– Interestingly enough I can see the only rebate value that’s ended up in a summary tab is a refund from a hotel which has ended up in the General summary tab.

I have a total of 13 incoming transactions this month and only the hotel refund has been included in any summary.

I think the place to check is further down, go past the categories and then past committed spend and look at the Income section. I believe it will be in there. (I get this isn’t much use, but at least shows it is indeed recognised just not categorisable).