Offer under 18 accounts

Please Monzo look at offering secondary accounts for kids / can be linked to a connected adult

I am so close to leaving Monzo and moving to another bank which offers this

Happy for it be a premium service and would be a truly fantastic way of teaching kids money management

It has always felt that Monzo led on so many ideas but now you are behind completion


Common request that isn’t actually that popular. Never say never though. As long as they fix joint accounts first.


As @Revels has alluded to, it’s a popular request here. My best guess is that Monzo will get round to it when they see value in providing it.

I expect that there’s a considerable regulatory and technological hurdle to overcome, so, if you really need it soon I’d advise looking elsewhere.

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I think Monzo would have done this already if it was worth doing! With gohenry faults, it has that market well, I don’t think as a bank Monzo are behind anyone else either, they’ve done well for me as a bank, my daughter got a NatWest kid account quick enough…try them

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You have the patience of a saint to always go and find every single thread and to link them all as the top comment in response to these requests


Starling also have this option if you needed to look for alternatives. You could just open an account with them and stick with Monzo, the apps easy enough to use. Plus you’ve got another backup account then as well.


I see it as a, F.U. offering, here’s every God damn post going about it, if you use search :rofl::sweat_smile:


Well I tried…… but by the looks many have before me

I do hope Monzo do it as I would rather not go to another service


I’m very surprised they have not done this yet. It feels like a no-brainer. Most people don’t switch accounts. Give them an account when they are young and you could have a customer for decades.


Nah, he’s definitely a bot :eyes:

Seriously though, great job as always @Revels


I mentioned this when i first opened a monzo account, 4 yrs a go, but they said at present they weren’t looking at that UNLESS there was an interest in it ! From these posts i would think its NOW because there seems to be a lot of interest in these kids accounts, i now that iam looking in to this to help them understand money a whole lot more ! Come on Monzo! Pull your finger out

The most popular thread has 174 votes, even if they all had that amount and all are different people, that is a tiny tiny % of 6 million+ customers.

Interest in something doesn’t mean it will get done.

I’ve been on forums for a long time, nobody searches!

It’s nicer to help, I’d like to put “Search.” and lock it :smiley:

“search bot found these results”


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Any reason you don’t want to continue using Monzo as your bank account, but use a secondary service (like GoHenry or Revolut) for this service?

Being as, at the moment you’re going to have to go to another provider for your kids, I guess what I’m asking is, why does that mean you have to swap your banking too, if you enjoy using Monzo?