Under 18s accounts

Now that the current account is live, I tried to get my son signed up and get a place in the queue.
He is 16 but I understood that the current account would be available to under 18 year olds.
The sign up process still requires to be over 18, when will this change?


While this is important, definitely, I imagine there’s a whole different set of legal considerations for teen banking… so it seems unlikely to happen until the current account is totally rolled out and open for sign-ups (e.g. it’s in a phase of looking new growth).

At some point in the future, not at launch.

Thanks for the replies.
We find Monzo very convenient for sending money around the family and It would have been nice to the youngest family member on board.


It’ll be something we look at in 2018 once we’ve moved everyone over to the new accounts and shut down prepaid :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d love for kids accounts to be available…

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@simonb will there be interest on accounts for kids as have I one of these for my little one, also they give £10 pa if you use their money machine.


Fundamentally, that’s a totally different product. It’s a savings account for all children. Monzo, I imagine, will simply be letting teens have current accounts much as they are today (but without features like overdrafts that don’t yet exist on Monzo anyway).


Yeah but it is better than this which comes in at 11+


I imagine Monzo’s offering will be similar but:

  1. Likely a higher age requirement than 11 based on what they’ve said before.
  2. Hopefully no overseas usage restriction (that doesn’t even make sense - overseas transactions can be forced online too, would be great for teen travel, but NOPE).
  3. Hopefully no GBP-only restriction for online (yay for teaching kids early to accept DCC and get ripped off /s).
  4. A much better app :slight_smile:
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I’m not bothered by that as by the time they are 11 banking would have changed again…

As someone over 18, I have a thing about apostrophes.

Under 18’s



This is something I have an eye on for the kids. It will be interesting to see how they take to the concept of the selfie video which made some of us older folks squirm a bit (or more than a bit).


I imagine it’ll be a non-issue for most younger people.

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I imagine they’d be pulling the classic duck face pose.


My Daughter currently has a bank account with a high street bank and a card she can use to withdraw cash from a cash machine.

Is there any plans for Monzo to provide accounts for children in the future?

Monzo have commented that there are plans to offer accounts for under 18’s (well 17 year olds) but it isnt on Monzos short to medium term plans.

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Thanks for the reply @Chapuys

I think they’re looking at 12 and upwards rather than just adding 17 year olds to their users. I certainly hope so as I want to move my kids accounts to Monzo at the earliest opportunity :+1:


Most high-street banks offer debit cards to those 11 and up. I hope Monzo isn’t any different (for my sibling’s sake).

Nationwide also offer a contactless card with their 11+ FlexOne account, which is different from most other banks I looked into (my Mum doesn’t even have a contactless card with her bank).