Accounts / pots for kids with own debit card

Similar to the recently launched Revolut Junior and Starling Kite this would be a much needed feature in this modern day I think. I currently use Revolut purely for this card for my daughter but to have a similar feature in Monzo would be even better. Even being able to have pots with their own spending cards which could be given to kids might be the easiest way of implementing it. Starling don’t have an app for kids but Revolut allow the kids to download a watered down app to see their spending and balance which is a great education tool as well.

Also, dark mode!!

Kids accounts and dark mode (currently most popular) have already been suggested. Be sure to search for them (top right) and add your vote :slight_smile:

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HyperJar launching FREE kids cards on 30 October.

Still no app for child though.