Kids accounts

I just put a comment on a facebook post of yours and you directed me here! Can you create a kids account? Or allow a ‘POT’ to be set up on a parents account for a child to have their own card for? Its so easy to control finances & spending with Monzo - its a must for kids - nothing else like it out their for them!

Hi @Shelle :wave: , This isn’t something hat can currently be done. I don’t know about any specific plans for this type of feature anytime soon but it has been mentioned previously on the forum by a number of people as a suggestion. I’ve linked you to two discussions about it previously. Maybe the posts within there will answer your question?


Under 18 accounts are on the Trello board of things they are looking to implement, however it is on the long term list (more than 12 months away). That being said, Monzo have surprised us in the past with surprise appearances of requested features so fingers crossed.

The board for reference can be found here -


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