GoHenry equivalent? - Child Account

Does Monzo have an equivalent to GoHenry, or could you please create one? I have a 10yro child that I’d like to learn to better manage money - and think having their own card with a linked small sum will help. Can Monzo help?

In a word, “No”.

The best you can do is to pay for Plus/Premium, create them a virtual card and assign it to a pot in your account. Then add to their Apple/GooglePay.


They can’t. It isn’t something they offer at the moment.

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Check out HyperJar

Their kids card is FREE

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Best option imo


I’d agree hyperjar better option over Revoult.

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I’d say Revolut is better than Hyperjar for functionality. Believe it’s also free for one child.

Interested to know what you think Hyperjar hasn’t got compared to Revoult - only use free options though to compare fairly.
Lots of updates over last 6-12 months that put hyperjar in a much better place.


Hyperjar twice as many accounts for free too

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Revolut feels a lot more innovative and agile I guess. It’s just a personal preference having used both apps. I also think Revolut is going to still be around in 5, 10 years time.


Can’t disagree about timeframe and still being around.
With hyperjar you have the ability to share pots with one or more children. They can have their own pots for different reasons.

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