Oculus Quest/VR

(Tom ) #1

So big rumour is Oculus Quest launches tomorrow at F8 Facebook’s annual developer conference.

Any one else thinking of picking one up/ already have a VR headset ?

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(Mark Graham) #2

Would love one, is there a UK price or just US initially?

I have considered PSVR too, not sure which is more favourable


I tried something similar to this out at an interview for a company.

I was beyond impressed. The one I tried had eye movement tracking and was one of the most amazing things I have done

(Tom ) #4

UK price is £399, launches same day. I would go for quest as the untethered experience is for lack of a better word magical. Plus the tracking is way better/improved optics.

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(Rika) #5

I’ll see what Valve has to offer with Index + Knuckles. Mainly because I’m messing around more with non-handheld trackers for fully body motion tracking and OpenVR seems to be far more flexible in mixing and matching systems.

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(Tom ) #6

The Knuckles controllers are super neat! Alas I don’t have a GPU powerful enough for PC VR. One day!