Oculus Quest/VR

So big rumour is Oculus Quest launches tomorrow at F8 Facebook’s annual developer conference.

Any one else thinking of picking one up/ already have a VR headset ?

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Would love one, is there a UK price or just US initially?

I have considered PSVR too, not sure which is more favourable

I tried something similar to this out at an interview for a company.

I was beyond impressed. The one I tried had eye movement tracking and was one of the most amazing things I have done

UK price is £399, launches same day. I would go for quest as the untethered experience is for lack of a better word magical. Plus the tracking is way better/improved optics.

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I’ll see what Valve has to offer with Index + Knuckles. Mainly because I’m messing around more with non-handheld trackers for fully body motion tracking and OpenVR seems to be far more flexible in mixing and matching systems.

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The Knuckles controllers are super neat! Alas I don’t have a GPU powerful enough for PC VR. One day!

Anyone else pick up a Quest. I love mine so much. It genuinely feels like the beginning of something huge. The press has been saying this cliche headline but is honestly spot on “The Quest is the iPod of VR”

Just arrived today!


My friend really enjoys his - I have the original rift unit, but don’t have the room to use it