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What are people’s thoughts on the current variable rate versus the loyalty 12M tariffs on offer?

Not looked at the 12m rate as i’m on Tracker and it’s doing great


I’ve fixed this week as I’d rather have the safety of knowing I’ve got on a guaranteed discount over the winter when the heating’s on, but I’m not sure it’ll save us that much. Also we’re coming off a two year fix and prices are :scream:

I haven’t compared the rates but Ofgem has suggested consumers be cautious about fixing rates now - the price cap will fall in October.

Also, I believe these new Octopus fixed tariffs come with hefty cancellation fees.

Of course it depends how much you value certainly about the rates you will be paying…

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The price cap was announced last week and the Octopus Fix is 6% under that. The cap is predicted to go up again in January before falling for the rest of the year


So at the moment on average, I am paying 17p per kilowatt for electric, 4p per kilowatt up gas. Study charge of 47.9p

What is the 12th month fix? I’ve looked, and I can’t seem to find it with Octopus Energy

It’s for existing customers only but this is what I was offered in London:

Unit price 28.82p per kWh

Standing charge 42.01p per day

Unit price 6.94p per kWh

Standing charge 27.47p per day

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So far - August bill:

Electricity (Agile) = Average 19.62p per kWh, 39.63p standing charge per day
Gas (Tracker) = Average 4.19p per kWh, 25.56p standing charge per day

Cheaper than my ‘engineered’ Intelligent Octopus experiment, so all good so far.


Okay thank you I guess I’ll stick with tracker

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According to the MSE link in your post, the Octopus fixed tariff is 6% below the current price cap, not the lower one coming in October.

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Good spot, the email that they’ve sent is pretty cheeky. Came after the October prices were announce but gives the current Fix. Looking at the numbers looks like the October fix is at similar prices to the October cap, so it’s a hedge on whether they’ll go lower in January (assuming my energy usage is minimal once the weather gets better)

Probably why Ofgem are suggesting caution in switching to a fixed rate tariff now.

I expect cheaper fixed rate tariffs to emerge in October.

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Aren’t prices expected to rise in January back to where they are now though? So more expensive than October.

I’m not fixing, but that’s how I’m projecting my direct debit from the winter last I checked.

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