Energy Supplier with Best Data

I am currently with Bulb and have had no end of issues with smart meter readings not being received, their app showing no usage and with the IHD showing only gas. I’m not convinced these are actually Bulb’s own issues, they could be down to the smart meter network etc however their support has been useless.

What other suppliers are out there who offer graphs of usage spliced to 30 minutes or better? Now we’re all at home all day we’re using a lot of energy. I’ve also got a new outside office with electric heater so I’d like to be able to track consumption more closely.

Octopus if you’re into tweaking with APIs, fumbling with your own data and using third party apps. They’re pricier tho


This is SSEs app. I only moved to smart meters about 4 months ago but have had no problems with meters or app. The website also gives graphs and allows comparisons with previous periods.

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Wow, that’s impressive presentation. Better than Bulb with who, incidentally, I’ve not had any support or meter problems. The IHD seems to conk out following power cuts [we’ve had 5, all over 2 hour duration, in 3 months] but the request for a reset seems to be auctioned swiftly. R-

Can you view a graph for a 24 hour period spliced into 30 min chunks?

Thanks - gone for this, had a referral code from a friend too so £50 each.

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On Agile Octopus, the plan is based on 30-minute chunks of time. So as standard, you get 30-minute breakdowns of your actual electricity consumption. Here’s ours for Monday:

You can also see the upcoming rates for the next 24 hours (from 4pm onwards each day) so you can plan when to switch on the washer/dryer, dishwasher or charge your EV at the least expensive times.

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Yes, on the website but not in the app.

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