Fuse Energy

I’m a bit surprised there isn’t a thread for these on here yet.

They’re a new energy supplier founded by Revolut Alumni. The outfit looks very slick and I’ve been toying with the idea of switching to them over the past couple of days.

This is about as fintech revolution and energy supplier seems to have come in both approach to innovating here, and in concept. Very new and very bare bones so far though. They’ve nicked Ecotricity’s niche, but without the added cost.

Their tariff is currently £50 below the price cap for typical use.

Oh. You get free energy on your birthday too. Cute.


Looks nice. Gonna give them a while longer to see if they make it before considering though. It’s not a market I’d want to be a new entrant In!

Wish them luck though.


Should probably also point it that it seems to just be electric only right now.

Volatile market to be joining for sure, but I feel like Bulb has left a nice big gap for someone like them to fill.

I’ve never been one to shy away from diving in with the newcomers though. I was one of Bulb’s first customers. For us customers it’s very little risk if things go wrong. Just a tad annoying.


My rate differences and estimated savings compared to what I pay Octopus, currently.

I’m still on Octopus’s standard variable tariff atm. Can’t get onto the fancy cheap one.

I saw this in the tech news a few days ago. I’ll keep my eye out - as always - but they appear to be a WVNO at this stage (Windmill Virtual Network Operator) with initial charges that are much higher than I can engineer at the mo.

Hopefully they’ll do well and break through the barriers like Octopus have managed to do. Running such an outfit is a skilled navigation through regulations, wholesale purchases and the insane costs of the back-end individual account management & support.

The most effective alternative is to DIY - as in ditch gas, invest in solar & battery, rain capture & process, install a windmill in the garden and prey. Maybe livestock and a vineyard as well…


Thanks for the post. I had no clue they existed. I just initiated the switch!!

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Being on Octopus Tracker, I dispute that! now, if I was on Octopus flexible (their default tariff, I’d agree)


My view on Octopus really hasn’t changed much. They have innovative tariffs and such, but it’s really the only good thing about them.

I’m actually getting support now I’m using the phone lines, and whilst they initially impressed me because they say all the right stuff, and sound like they can do what they say, they’ve so far unfulfilled their word, so still back and forth. My smart meter is working smart again, but their system still isn’t recognising it, and I’m stuck in some kind of escalation queue they keep saying they’ll get me out, then when you call back a few days later say they weren’t able to, or the request didn’t go in.

By the time (if) they get it sorted, I bet the cheap pricing doesn’t exist anymore :sob:

They’re naturally blaming Bulb for it, and that I wouldn’t be having these problems if I was just an Octopus customer before they bought Bulb.

So yeah, these are really tempting for me. I miss Bulb.

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Ah, you got migrated over… People having been having issues unfortunately post migration - I don’t have issues as I joined Octopus, from M&S Energy (Grandma’s old house)


I fortunately don’t have any issues with my service post-migration, but something with my account isn’t right as my Typeforms I complete don’t link up to my customer record…

I’ll likely stay as long as Tracker is as good as it is

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Thanks for this. My three year fixed price is coming to an end in September (goodbye £40 a month bills… :cry:) so I’m currently mooching around for the least worst options and prices.


Tracker is definitely the way to go:


Last two weeks:

Elec £26.54
Gas: £4.60

Aiming for about £70pm at the minute, my direct debit was £189, I reduced it to £160, aim to get it to around ~£120pm but just feel anxious doing so while :poop: still going down.


Defo, I got in to the Tracker at the start of July, which is a shame as my parents got in mid Feb. I only got my smart meters in early March

I’m on £70pm DD, My bill last month was £60 (on agile for electric)

My gas use has exploded apparently, being on Tracker :smiley:

Surely, there’s gotta be a better app than that!? :grimacing:

Or better yet, I would have thought Octopus themselves would have had this functionality in their app.

They do

How come you’re not using that then?

It doesn’t allow me to compare it without effort :joy:

The Octopus app does not include the standing charges in the price it gives, Whereas “octo-aid” and “octopus compare” do

Also, I should probably blank out my Meter numbers

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Do I need to be on the tracker tariff to get this data, or is that something else they’re gonna need to fix!?

I don’t have any data like that in my app. Thought it didn’t exist, and that you needed the mini thing for it, or a third party app!