Occasion Pot

Hi all,

So I’m unsure how many will like this idea, but for those who struggle to save it might work.

So an occasion pot where you can open a a calendar set a date and the pot will be locked until this date.

For example say you where saving to go on Holliday or a convention you set the date a day before on a pop up calendar.
Every month/week you can put funds into it but they won’t be released or be able to be moved until the date set arrives.

Thoughts on this would be appreciated thankyou in advance.


That’s exactly how locked pots work at the moment, with the exception that it’s been changed so you can now unlock them yourself

Locked pots are good but its not tailored to a specific date its for a year from opening granted you can open your pot at anytime but if your saving for something special unless its a emergency the pot stays locked until your specified date.
Thank you for your response Rat_au_van much appreciated.

Sounds like you are talking about a savings pot, not a locked pot

Create a regular pot and choose the locked option. You can pick any date image


Yeah this is exactly how all of my pots work at the moment.

I have one pot for ‘New phone’ and add to it each month.

I know my contact expires on my current phone on August 10th, I have set the pot to unlock on August 9th


Hello this is exactly what i need i didn’t realise i could do this thank you. I thought it was a different company locked pots apologies.