Change Pot Unlock Date To Further In Future

I would love the option to increase the period of time that my pot is due to stay locked for. For instance, my round up pot is only locked until 01/01/2023, but i’d like to increase that for another year.

The only way to do this would be to unlock and archive the pot, thus losing all my transaction history of round ups.

Obviously the option to reduce the time left on a locked pot could be used to open a pot at midnight, so this option doesn’t appeal to me as much.

Hope this makes sense.

Welcome to the community, Kayleigh.

Interesting suggestion.

There are multiple threads on suggestions around Locked Pots, however, I do not recall anyone ever recommending that the date be extended. (Have had a quick search)

@revels is normally good at researching and linking subject suggestions, so may pop along in a bit with a recommendation of where this one may sit, if indeed not independently.

I don’t use this feature myself, so not sure whether it’s something I’d vote on myself, or even if Monzo would consider, but worth putting out there :+1:

If you unlock, archive, then unarchive the pot, then lock again, you’ll maintain your history and be able to set a new date.

Agreeably it’s long winded, and involves moving money back etc, but the history is there.

Head to your home account list, tap edit, and you’ll see the archived pots there.

If you tap the date does it not let you amend? I’ve not tried as I don’t have any pots to play with.


I’d say the stance on locked pots is that they stay in the same state as they were when locked, so you can’t easily change their details (locked and hidden is best) However, this idea isn’t against that - this idea is requesting an easy way to make the pot stay locked for longer. Would this then disrupt the percentage display though on target-based locked pots?

Not sure, as I don’t have any locked pots at the mo.

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