Unlock pot when Goal reached

At the moment you can set a Pot to unlock come a certain date. You can also set amount goals for the Pot. why not combine these and have the ability to lock a pot until that goal is met.

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Yes!!! I would really like that. Might encourage people to save more and often to reach their goal faster.

This is definitely a fun idea, guess maybe a way for it to be done without taking up supports time, it you need to unlock early

Bumping this. Would love to lock my spare change pot until I hit £100, for example.

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Id like locking to actually be locking again. :frowning:

I liked this too but we had a lot more complaints than praise for the strict locking :slightly_frowning_face:

I do like the idea of goal based locking and I’m actually pretty sure it is possible (no promises)

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